Why choose SHR for hair removal

Many of us may still remember our first hair removal experience. Equipped with disposable razor and some shower gel, some people even choose wax depilation. Although it feels very painful, it feels like we can conquer every extra hair on our body. Of course, the reality is far from that. After shaving, there are often some unshaven patches, especially in hard to reach areas. Not to mention all razors and endogenous hair! Shaving may get rid of your hair problems for a while, but it requires tedious and continuous maintenance. In addition, with your trusted razor alone, you will never achieve permanent hair removal.

    Why Choose SHR For Hair Removal

    Fortunately, with the development of science and technology, laser hair removal has solved the above problems. Painless, fast and complete hair removal has become the first choice for many hair removal people. But most people don’t know what SHR is, or even which is better, SHR or IPL? Recommended reading:What is the difference between IPL and SHR, which is better?

Next, we will briefly introduce the most advanced hair removal technology – SHR, so that you can have a deeper understanding of your hair removal.

What is SHR?

The working principle of SHR is similar to IPL and laser hair removal, which destroys hair follicles by using light energy pulses. However, SHR provides pulses of lower energy at higher frequencies. In this way, the skin is gently heated, and the accumulated energy is targeted at melanin in hair follicles and stem cells responsible for hair regeneration.

Why do you choose SHR?

Why Choose SHR For Hair Removal

Reduce skin damage and injury

SHR not only sends low-energy pulses and allows heat to accumulate slowly, but also the applicator provides concurrent contact cooling. This results in less trauma to the skin and less discomfort to the user. With IPL, it uses a more concentrated “spray”, resulting in faster heat accumulation. Without contact cooling, this method may be painful for some people. This also means that IPL is generally not recommended for more sensitive areas of the body, such as bikini areas and faces

Suitable for all skin colors and types

One of the biggest problems of IPL is that it often brings more discomfort to people with dark skin. The extra melanin they absorb usually absorbs more energy – thereby accumulating more calories and, more importantly, they feel more pain. This is not usually the case with super depilation, because only 50% of the light can be targeted and absorbed by melanin. In addition, because it is more mild, this process is also suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Remove excess hair faster

Because SHR adopts sweeping action, it can cover more areas at a faster speed. For IPL, it only focuses on one area at a time. In addition, SHR targets more hair follicles because it can act on both fine and coarse hairs, while IPL usually targets only coarse hairs. This means that users can enjoy the faster and more effective hair removal method brought by SHR!

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