13 years of know-how in the aesthetic laser sector. 14.2% of our employees are R&D specialists, 30% of which holds phD and advanced degrees.


With more than 3000m² of professional production plant, we manufacture the world’s leading technology aesthetic laser machines and sell to all over the world.


We provide professional OEM/ODM services. R & D team owns full experiences of cooperating with and designing for domestic and international well-known medical institutes and beauty salons. 

Welcome to our aesthetic laser world

BVLaser is a global innovator of Laser, Light-based solutions for the aesthetic markets.

BVLaser has Worldwide recognized technologies as Q-switched ND YAG laser, 1064nm&532nm picoseconds laser, 755nm alexandrite laser, 2940nm Er:YAG laser, 595nm pulsed dye laser, 694nm ruby star laser, etc…

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Focusing on the medical beauty industry for 13 years,we have serviced 10000+ customers worldwide, satisfiying the most heterogeneous demands of our clientele.

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R&D – Solid pillars for our success

Welcome to BVLaser, a leading factory specializing in producing top-notch beauty lasers. Our extensive range includes CO2 Fractional Laser series, 3 In 1 Beauty Laser, 755 Alexandrite Laser, 1200w Diode Laser, and IPL SHR Laser. With a commitment to quality and innovation, our CO2 Fractional Laser series ensures remarkable skin rejuvenation results. Explore our 3 In 1 Beauty Laser, featuring cutting-edge technology for superior beauty treatments. The powerful 755 Alexandrite Laser is designed to effectively remove unwanted hair, while our 1200w Diode Laser offers unparalleled hair removal solutions. Discover the advantages of our IPL SHR Laser, known for its remarkable skin and hair benefits. Trust BVLaser for advanced beauty laser solutions that deliver exceptional results. Experience the future of beauty with our state-of-the-art products.

Research and Development have always been our core base and DNA. We are firm believers in the power of science, redefining the industry through an endless desire to innovate and drive the global industry forward.

High Quality Lab

Shenzhen and Nanjing set up high-standard laser R&D centers.

Innovative technology

Over 50 registered patents and numerous FDA clearances.

Unmatched Expertise

12 years of know-how in the beauty/medical sector.

Qualified Staff

14.2% of our employees are R&D specialists, 30% of which holds phD and advanced degrees.


Our laser equipment is indicated for all kinds of medical and aesthetic treatment.


Our laser is indicated to patients with benign skin spots like lentigo, freckles, melasma, post-pregnancy spots, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, Ota nevi.


Our laser is suitable for patients with any skin type, sagging, streaks, wrinkles and scars


A variety of applications are available for clinc which allow tailored solutions for various conditions.


Simultaneous non-contact cooling, introduced with Bvlaser’s laser, prevents burns and allows for more comfortable treatment.


Our laser Machine is indicated for patients presenting menopause symptoms,Vaginal relaxation,local itching and dryness,stress incontinence.


Laser Machine is indicated for clinic who desire to remove completely or partially their patient tattoo, it is possible on almost any body areas.

Enhance Your Tattoo Removal Services with Our Cutting-Edge Laser Machine Discover the future of tattoo removal with our advanced Laser Machine. As a professional in the tattoo removal industry, you understand the importance of precision, effectiveness, and client satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art laser technology is designed to meet and exceed your expectations, providing an unparalleled solution for safe and efficient tattoo removal. Key Features: Precision at Its Best: Our laser machine offers exceptional precision, targeting only the tattoo pigments while safeguarding the surrounding skin. This ensures minimal discomfort and reduces the risk of scarring. Versatile Application: Whether you're dealing with elaborate designs or intricate patterns, our laser machine caters to a wide range of tattoo sizes, colors, and types. It's the versatile tool you need to accommodate diverse client needs. Swift and Effective Results: Powered by advanced technology, our laser machine delivers swift and effective results. Clients will appreciate the noticeable fading after each session, leading to quicker tattoo removal journeys. Client Comfort Prioritized: With adjustable settings and a built-in cooling system, our laser machine prioritizes client comfort throughout the tattoo removal process. This encourages repeat visits and positive referrals. User-Friendly Interface: Our laser machine boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for technicians of all skill levels to operate. Spend less time on training and more time on delivering exceptional results. Safe and Reliable: Safety is paramount in tattoo removal. Our laser machine is designed with the latest safety features to ensure reliable performance without compromising client well-being. Elevate your tattoo removal services with the latest in laser technology. Our Laser Machine opens up new possibilities for you to expand your clientele and reputation. Stay ahead in the industry by offering top-notch tattoo removal services backed by cutting-edge innovation. Invest in the future of tattoo removal. Contact us today to learn more about our Laser Machine and how it can transform your business.

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12 years experience in beauty equipment manufacturing.

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