High-end 755 Alexandrite laser hair removal solution

BVLaser uses the power of the alexandrite laser to provide fast and effective hair removal as well as treatment of superficial pigmented lesions.

It features a 755nm wavelength- the gold standard for laser hair removal, especially for skin types I-IV, and the wavelength that is most effectively absorbed by the melanin in the widest range of hair shades and textures, is the intelligent choice for the fastest laser hair removal.

The system is also suitable for treating superficial vascular lesions as well as pigmented skin changes.


Hair removal,benign pigmented lesions ,vascular lesions treatment

High throughput

Quicker treatment times

Proven performance

The gold standard in laser hair removal

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 Over 11 years of expertise


Optimal Laser Hair Removal for skin types I-IV

Alexandrite laser system uses the principle of selective photothermolysis to achieve effective hair removal. Light with a wavelength of 755nm penetrates the epidermis and is selectively absorbed by melanin in the hair follicles. The follicles are damaged by the induced thermal energy, while the surrounding tissue remains protected. Only 3-6 hair removal treatments are needed to achieve long-term results.

Laser for pigmented skin treatments & vascular lesions

By targeting the melanin chromophore in the affected tissue, BVlaser achieves visible improvements of many benign epidermal pigment changes including:

Solar lentigo      Café au lait spots


755nm wavelength

Optimal wavelength for hair removal in skin types I-IV ,enables the treatment of a wide range of hairtypes and colors, especially light colored and thin hair.

Large 4cm2 spot size for quick treatment

 With its large 4 cm2 spot size, it facilitates increased treatment coverage to significantly reduce treatment time and make the process easier and more safe for patients.

Precise positioning of the treatment area

With red light indicator, accurate location of treatment area.

Continuous Contact Cooling

Continuously cools skin and facilitates range-controlled temperature throughout the entire treatment,Patients can now enjoy a completely pain-free, cool and comfortable experience.

Flexible pulse widths

Multiple spot sizes from specialty sizes as small as 6 mm up to 18mm,easily treat areas that are normally hard to reach, including the ears, nostrils and glabella.

Ergonomically designed handpiece

The handpiece is ergonomic and easy to use.With roller design, flexible and labor-saving.


Product parameters

Wavelength 1064nm & 755nm
Energy output 120J/cm2
Pulse width 10-400ms
Spot size 6-18mm
Laser transmission system optical fiber conductor
Power 3000W
Cooling system water+Compressor
Size 110x90x50cm
Weight 90kg

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