Feminine Treatments

This treatment is indicated for patients presenting menopause symptoms , Vaginal relaxation , local itching and dryness , stress incontinence.


Vaginal laser treatment utilizes a high-powered and safe fractional Pixel CO2 laser by Bvlaser. This fractional laser is inserted into the patient’s vagina with a specially designed probe. during the treatment, which lasts up to 15 minutes, the laser creates a gentle thermal effect, or heating, in the vaginal tissue. While leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed, this process stimulates the formation of new collagen. The result is vaginal rejuvenation.


Most frequent questions and answers

Unlike other laser surgery, your doctor may advise you not to have sexual activity for 2-3 days. After the operation, most patients can return to normal life without any time off.

Usually, 3-4 courses of treatment (every 4-6 weeks) are required, and follow-up visits are carried out once a year according to the doctor’s recommendation.

This is a well tolerated outpatient laser treatment that usually does not require anesthesia and lasts about 5 minutes.

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