what should we do after useing CO2 Fractioanal laser machine

Skin problems have become the worry of many beauty lovers, especially with the age, wrinkles, pigmentation and other problems will gradually appear on the face. In order to make themselves look menopausal and solve the skin problems that bother them, many people choose to use CO2 fractional laser machine As a professional machine to solve skin problems, spot laser has been chosen by many beauty lovers because of its excellent effect. But beauty needs to pay a price. After using CO2 fractional laser machine, how to quickly and effectively recover the skin often needs to pay attention to some matters. What should we pay attention to when we use CO2 fractional laser machine?
CO2 fractional Laser  machine
1. Avoid sun exposure

Due to the therapeutic effect of CO2 fractional laser machine, the skin surface will be scabbed. There is no need to worry. This is a normal treatment process. Sun exposure will verify the effect of reducing treatment. Only after the skin recovers to normal can you travel freely

2. Don’t pick scabs

After using CO2 fractional laser machine, the skin surface will scab, which is a normal phenomenon for the old skin tissue to fall off and the new skin to grow. It lasts for a period of time. After the new skin grows, your skin can regain its luster. During the growth period, the scab on the skin will leave a scar, so you must not pick the scab.

3. Don’t touch the water

After using CO2 fractional laser machine, the newborn skin is very fragile and cannot contact with water.

4. Main eating habits

Spicy and irritating food will affect your endocrine, and then affect the state of your skin. During the treatment of CO2 fractional laser machine, you must pay attention to your eating habits and avoid spicy food.

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