What is the Picosecond Laser

Picosecond laser refers to a laser with a pulse width of picosecond. Compared with nanosecond laser, its pulse width is shorter, and the generated light pressure has a stronger destructive ability to pigments. At first, picosecond laser was used to treat tattoos. Later, it was found in the process of application that picosecond laser has higher efficiency, better effect and less treatment times for some pigmented diseases, such as nevus of Ota and naevus fuscocyanus, which shows its advantages in treatment. Although picosecond laser is very effective in the treatment of pigmented skin diseases, we should pay attention to no protection after treatment, so as to maintain the effect of picosecond laser treatment to the greatest extent.
What  Is  The Picosecond Laser
The advantages of picosecond laser are faster speed, greater energy and more convenient surgical care. Picosecond compared with ordinary laser, the duration of pulse generated by laser is faster than that of ordinary laser, and it can enter the action area of skin stains faster. The damage to surrounding tissues is relatively small, and it will not even cause surface damage. The nursing after treatment is relatively convenient.

It should be noted that picosecond laser can not be selected in general, but can be selected according to their own requirements and conditions. Before picosecond laser, patients need to do light sensitivity test to judge whether it is suitable for laser treatment. If there is a wound on the face, it can only be treated with picosecond laser after the wound is completely healed. The whole body should also be cleaned before lighting and skin moistening. The inflamed and suppurated skin can only be treated with picosecond laser after recovery.

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