what are the advantages of picosecond laser

Picosecond laser refers to the use of a laser with a pulse width of picosecond to act on the target cell, which can generate a “mechanical wave” on the target substrate. The high energy generated by this wave can make the cell gasify, and the pigment particles in the cell are completely crushed into a dust state, which can be better absorbed and metabolized by the metabolic cells, or can change the physical properties of some pigment particles so that they do not appear color, Now it is often used in the treatment of various pigmented diseases including chloasma and the removal of cold and warm color tattoos. So as a new type of medical beauty machine, what are the advantages of picosecond laser?

1. Picosecond laser is shorter and faster. Picosecond laser is much faster than traditional nanosecond laser. The advantage of faster speed is that it has stronger instantaneous destructive power to melanin, and the shorter the residence time, the lower its thermal damage to skin.

2. Picosecond laser make energy more concentrated. With concentrated energy, the pigment particles shattered by picosecond laser are more easily absorbed and metabolized, and the honeycomb lens can stimulate collagen regeneration, so it can also repair scars and fade wrinkles.

3. Picosecond laser unique wavelength, good “black” effect. The advantages of the unique wavelength are: obvious melanin removal effect, shorter treatment times and high safety. For example, the doctors say that the color tattoos can’t be removed, but the picosecond laser can. Its original intention is to remove the tattoos.

4. Picosecond laser is not easy to damage the skin. The extremely short pulse makes it too late for light energy to be converted into heat energy, and hardly produces thermal effect. Therefore, it does not accumulate thermal damage and is not easy to damage skin tissue.

5. Picosecond laser doesn’t worry about anti black effect. The traditional laser destroys melanin with heat energy, which will cause wound and even anti melanin. Now picosecond laser uses 755nm laser to generate impact and pressure on the skin at high speed, shattering melanin, and melanin is discharged through metabolism. Picosecond laser can redistribute the laser light through the honeycomb instant lens, promote the proliferation of collagen, and treat pores and fine lines.

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