picosecond laser tattoo removal Machine

With the increasing social inclusiveness and the constant flaunting of young people’s personality and freedom, tattooing has become one of the ways for many young people to show their personality, especially in Europe and the United States, where tattoo culture is more developed, the proportion of youth tattoos is even more amazing. However, with the increasing age and experience, some people in the tattoo industry will have the idea of removing tattoos, especially those who cannot participate in or engage in the industry because of tattoos. How to remove tattoos safely, effectively and painlessly has become the primary concern of many people. The appearance of picosecond perfectly solves the worries of these people. It is fast and safe. More importantly, it is painless, making it a convenient and fast way to remove tattoos.

What is the picosecond laser?

Picosecond is a new type of laser that lets dermatologists remove tattoos more completely than ever before. The main difference between Picosecond laser tattoo removal and other digital removal methods is speed. Older types, such as the Q-Switch, release energy in a single nanosecond – that’s a billionth of a second. You probably think that’s fast, but Super Second is even faster. It can release the same amount of energy as a Q-Switch laser in a picosecond, which is a trillionth of a second. It’s the fastest laser in the world of dermatology.

The faster the laser, the less heat is produced. The excess heat from slower lasers can damage the skin and lead to scarring, but the Picosecond laser is so lightning fast that it doesn’t burn skin tissue. The picosecond laser is also able to break ink particles into smaller pieces than a Q-Switch, which means faster ink absorption, shorter treatment times, and more complete removal.

What tattoos can picosecond remove?

Take bvlaser piconsecond laser as an example. Its different wavelengths are aimed at different kinds of tattoos. In this way, the remedy can be tailored to the case, which is convenient and fast.

1064nm : treating darker ink colors (black, blue and green)

picosecond laser tattoo removal

755nm:treating darker ink colors (Blue, Green and Brown)

532nm : treating brighter ink colors (red, orange and yellow)

picosecond laser tattoo removal

585nm: blue and purple tattoo removal

650nm: Green tattoo removal

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